About Us

Infocus C.N.C Machining, Inc., was founded in 1990 and has engaged primarily in the business of providing the following: build to print precision-machined commercial and aerospace products.

The basic goals, which governs the company since the beginning, we want 100% quality, 100% on-time shipments and at a competitive price. All our employees work with these goals in mind. They strive to increase their output while continuously adding technology and skill, which enhances capabilities. The multi-skilled management allows the company to be strong while not dependent upon one person. The main philosophy is still maintained - to prevent the customer from having any worries about the products which were ordered at Infocus CNC Machining. All of the employees understand a satisfied customer is the key to our success.

As a company, Infocus C.N.C Machining, Inc. had grown and prospered because of our commitment to operate the business with integrity, our unfailing attention to quality and superb customer service.